yoga pose in silhouette

Interested in Yoga? Take a Class

yoga_silhouette_pose.jpgI distinctly remember the night a couple of weeks ago when I went to my first yoga class. I slept so well that night, and I think it may be the yoga.

I was thrilled to find out that my new gym offers many yoga classes throughout the week, and that list includes an Intro to Yoga class. While some gyms charge extra for yoga or pilates classes, mine does not. I was excited about attending a group class and trying yoga for the first time, but I was equally as nervous. Would everyone in class know the lingo? Would everyone be in awesome shape? Would the studio be filled with twentysomethings?

No, no and no. I’m happy to report I was not alone. The class included men and women, some in their 20s and a couple in their 60s, some in great shape and some just getting started toward a healthier lifestyle. In about two minutes, I was comfortable and happy with my decision to try yoga in this introductory class. The instructor was incredibly patient and explained everything we did during the 60 minutes of class. She explained the poses, the meanings of the words, the equipment and the benefits of what we were doing.

At the end of the hour-long class, I walked out of the studio relaxed and feeling like I had gotten some exercise at the same time. I even felt a bit taller.

If you’re considering trying yoga, I encourage you to find an introductory class like this one. You’ll be introduced to the practice with like-minded folks in a very welcoming environment. If you’ve ever felt any anxiety or nervousness about yoga, an introductory class will erase all hesitation. It will also make you just a bit sore the next day.