In Touch Weekly Magazine: ‘Teen Mom’ Stars ‘Destroyed by Fame’

Thumbnail image for InTouch_TeenMom_20110209.jpgThey don’t look ‘destroyed by fame,’ smiling and sporting bikini-ready bodies, but this week’s In Touch Weekly magazine is claiming the stars of MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “Teen Mom 2″ are being wrecked by the fame the show has created.

According to the celebrity magazine, Farrah Abraham is ‘hoping her boob job will get her a spin-off’ series. We would say this is ridiculous, but strangely enough, not completely unrealistic. Sad but true.

“Teen Mom 2″ breakout “star” Jenelle Evans
has been making a name for herself fast, being compared to original
cast member Amber Portwood with her violent and abusive physical

Speaking of Portwood,
the magazine claims the mother to baby Leah, 2, is ‘hooked on pills and
trying to be a porn star.’ While this wouldn’t surprise us, after
Portwood has spent time in jail and even temporarily abandoned her
daughter in the past to pursue other romantic relationships, we
sincerely hope none of this is true.

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Kara Gause

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  • Jessica

    For real these girls need to step up to the plate and be the mom’s that thier kids need. If they weren’t ready for that then that they shouldn’t have had the sex to make the kid. I mean really? A boob job for a spin off? Jenelle acting like a spoiled bitch and not biting her tounge so she can stay with her kid? These girls are either stupid or hearltess and should have the kids taken.

  • Melissa112

    stop believing in what magazines write, most of there crap is false information from some stupid person claiming to know these girls just so the magazine will pay them a lil bit of cash! janelle obviously is a horrible mother! but the other girls, theyre not 60 yrs old yet! they are still teenagers… just bc they get boob jobs, and like to go out with there friends, doesnt make them bad moms!

  • Anonymous

    Of course they can do whatever they want with the money they make. Here’s hoping they’re stashing some of it away for a rainy day.

  • Anonymous

    If only they could get their stuff together AND keep their kids. I’d be overwhelmed if it were me.

  • girlygirlforever

    I think that some of these ladies should not of had a baby