In Touch Weekly Magazine Reports Brad & Angelina’s ‘Baby No.7 on the Way’


If this is in any way true, we’re seriously tired just thinking about it. The latest In Touch Weekly magazine is reporting Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt are planning on adopting again, bring their brood total up to seven. Everybody get some extra sleep in their stead!

The celebrity magazine says ‘baby no. 7 is on the way,’ after the couple snuck away on a secret trip to an African orphanage. There they met who they hope will become their daughter.

According to the magazine, Pitt apparently has some reservations about
adding to their family, fearing they may be spread too thin as it is.
Still, Jolie has a strong maternal instinct and sees plenty of room and
time for another sweet babe. The actress has already ‘set the ball in
motion’ to bring home the little girl they met and fell in love with at
the orphanage.

Until then, the couple will remain busy between
their six children and respective careers. Jolie is set to walk the red
carpet this Sunday at the Golden Globes as she, along with her costar Johnny Depp, has been nominated for her work in The Tourist.

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  • Anonymous

    How the hell does one have a “maternal instinct” with such low regard for the kids she’s already responsible for? Just because she’s got the cashola to support them doesn’t make it right.

  • Lmac2520

    Well it is like this…she is going to adopt this child for Brad and have her twins with the Italian doctor thru a surrogate in Healdsburg California…so she gets everything…I’m tired ..and done..but there you have it

  • Anonymous

    How do they do it? They must have some seriously great nannies, right?

  • Anonymous

    Most folks are stretched with only one or two kids. Maybe she has some kind of superhuman metabolism? If so, I want it, too!