In Touch Weekly: Kendra & Hank Try to Rekindle the Romance

InTouch_Kendra_20110216.jpgAccording to InTouch Weekly magazine, Hank Baskett isn’t going to get a chance to enjoy wife Kendra Wilkinson’s return to her hot pre-baby body. The celebrity magazine is reporting the (inevitable?) demise of the reality star’s marriage to Minnesota Vikings footballer Hank Baskett.

Now a source close to the couple tells the magazine, “Many people think they’re going to get a divorce. It’s not a question of if, but when.” Friends of Wilkinson’s say she’s “tired of pretending” things are working out after a particularly difficult start to their marriage, which saw a pregnancy, new baby, financial insecurity, post-baby blues, long separations due to work, and sex-tape scandal. We’re sorry to say that doesn’t sound like a recipe for success.

The once happy and passionate couple is hoping to save their marriage
with an ‘emotional make-or-break trip’ away–already a step in the right
direction as the magazine claims they’ve been ‘sleeping in separate
beds’ for some time now.

Looking to rekindle a flame of romance, Wilkinson and Baskett jetted off
to Hawaii earlier this month, where an onlooker tells the magazine,
“They went whale watching, paddle boarding, golfing and swimming… and
seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.”

Here’s hoping they can make it work for the sake of their son Hank, IV, 1.

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