“I Like Them, Sam-I-Am!”: Food Network Magazine Pays Tribute to Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham”

foodnetwork_julyaugust2010.jpg“Green Eggs and Ham,” the whimsically colorful culinary tale from Dr. Seuss, hits the half-century mark in August, and who else but Food Network Magazine would include a tribute to the endearingly odd dish from the children’s classic.

Every issue includes a section titled “Fun Cooking”–a natural fit for the peculiar, like green eggs and ham, the “He Made, She Made” chef showdown and recreating restaurant fare, like the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich, at home.

Though the July/August 2010 issue didn’t proffer a recipe, it did suggest three restaurants and their gourmet take on the dish inspired by the classic tale of how persistence (and maybe even the threat of danger) can pay off with a picky eater.

Washington, D.C.’s ChurchKey serves duck pancetta over green deviled duck eggs. The version at Square One Restaurant in Key West, Fla., is influenced by the sea–bacon-wrapped scallops with wasabi tobiko or green fish eggs. The Los Angeles Mustard Seed Café’s “Green Eggs and Sam” dish pairs scrambled eggs with pesto and grilled salmon.

Food Network Magazine’s tribute was nice enough, but it got me thinking about how other food and cooking magazines might cover it. (They didn’t.) So here are five ways five magazines might do just that. 

  1. Martha Stewart Living: She may not go so far as to share how to raise the chickens and the pigs, but Martha is sure to have something pretty darn crafty up her sleeve.

  2. Saveur: Would the chicken-or-egg debate finally be settled? If any food magazine could put which came first to rest, it would be this culinary history buff.
  3. Wine Spectator: If you’ve ever wondered which bottle of wine would be the perfect complement to your Seussical meal, look no further than this wine authority.
  4. Cooking With Paula Deen: Eggs, check. Ham, check. All that’s missing is cream, butter, sugar and maybe a deep fryer.
  5. Cook’s Country: Count on this experimental expert to put various green egg-coloring strategies to the test and share which is best.
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