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How to Read Yoga Journal Magazine

Yoga Journal magazine October 2012 coverNot a yogi? No problem. Yoga Journal is flexible enough for everyone with how-to’s on stress-free living and tapping into your creativity. And this month save $5 instantly.

Armed with a healthy dose of skepticism—or at least lack of knowledge—I walked into a yoga studio for the very first time nearly a year ago. I had purchased an introductory deal online, so I basically accepted that I’d complete the 10 classes I’d paid for.

But having experienced the gentle transformation yoga offers, I can’t imagine the practice not being a part of my routine.

I felt much the same way about Yoga Journal magazine. In general, I thought it was probably filled with good advice but not so much for a non-yogi.

Maybe it’s because I’ve experienced both points of view—the skeptic and the practitioner—but I now look at Yoga Journal and see plenty of tips for everyday living.

Whether you’ve never tried yoga before or your new to the practice, you’ll see Yoga Journal as a go-to guide for relieving stress, finding focus and pursuing a harmonious state of mind if you know how to read—and by that I mean approach—the magazine’s content.

Don’t judge yourself by the yogis on the cover or in the ads. You may not yet—or ever—be as flexible or have the perfect posture of the yogis sprinkled through the magazine. But that’s OK. Your yoga experience—or even life experience—is going to be different than others’.

Check your skepticism at the cover. Yoga can offer as much (or more) of an internal change than a physical one, but the key is to be open to it. Before dismissing the entire magazine based on its title alone, at least flip through an issue or two before passing judgment.

Incorporate at least one piece of advice into your life. If you’re like me, you’ll find that several articles speak to something you’ve experienced or are going through. Try to find one strategy or tip you can adopt—whether you ever strike a pose in or out of the yoga studio.

Remember it’s a practice, not a perfect. So you’re losing your balance in tree pose or you’re still needlessly worrying about work after hours, that doesn’t mean the magazine’s advice isn’t working. Change takes time, and even if it doesn’t happen right away, that’s not to say it never will.

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