How to Make a Cuddle Sack for Your Small Pet

Photo by Summer Huggins

Make your small pets feel special with their very own cuddle sack. Blogger and animal lover Summer Huggins gives step by step instructions for this craft project for your pet.

We adopted a new kitten Saturday. He is four pounds of adorable spunk! His name is Rusty, and he’s already telling his siblings—including a Rottie mix and a German Shepherd mix—who the boss is.

Rusty loves napping on our king-size bed, but since he tends to get lost in it, I wanted him to have his own special little place to sleep. He needed a cuddle sack to be exact, so I decided to make one for him.

A custom cuddle sack for your small pet is easy to make. Whether it’s for a kitten, a rabbit or a ferret, a cuddle sack is a crafty and fun project that comes together in just about an hour. I raided by fabric stash for some striped fleece for the lining and a sturdy canvas for the outside. Here’s all you’ll need:

— 2 pieces of material for the lining, cut square
— 2 pieces of material for the outside of the sack, cut square
— coordinating thread

Step 1. Cut your fabric squares in a size appropriate for your pet, making sure they have plenty of room to get comfortable inside. Add one inch to the length of the lining material. My fleece squares for the lining were 20×21″. The canvas for the outside of the sack was 20×20″. That extra inch in the lining will make sense as your cuddle sack comes together.

Step 2. With the right sides of your lining together, sew up the two longer sides and along the bottom, leaving one side open. Then with the rights sides of your main cuddle sack fabric together, sew along three sides, leaving one side open. If the squares of your main fabric are perfectly square, it won’t matter which three sides you sew.

Close-up of cuddle sack detail. Photo by Summer Huggins

Step 3. On the lining, clip the two corners where you’ve sewn your squares together, careful not to clip through your stitches. Do the same to the fabric for the outside of your cuddle sack, and turn that piece right side out.

Step 4. Slip the lining inside the outer fabric and line up your seams. The lining should stick out the top by that extra inch.

Step 5. Fold the lining fabric half an inch down toward the outside fabric. Then fold another half inch down to create a hem. This will capture the outside material inside the hem you just created. Sew, securing the two pieces together. I used a zig-zag stitch here just for fun. Fold the sack back a few inches to provide a welcome opening for your pet.

Rusty loves his cuddle sack! I have enough fleece and canvas left over that I’m planning to make a few more to donate to the kittens at the shelter still waiting for their forever homes. I hope your smallest family members will enjoy theirs, too.