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December 12, 2012

Moll Anderson’s Gift Giving Present-ation

Red Bird Gift Wrap

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My “presentation-is-everything” philosophy carries over into my home, my style, and my life, and nothing speaks more to presentation than a beautifully wrapped gift. Once you take the time to choose the right gift for someone, don’t neglect the presentation. Your gift will feel all the more special because you have taken the time and effort to present a beautiful package. Whatever you choose to hold your gift, remember to embellish it with decadent details. Get creative with wrapping paper, ribbon, and tags. Choose colors and patterns of paper and ribbon to coordinate with a theme or fit your décor, or make your selections to fit the recipient.

There are many creative ways to personalize a gift, outside the traditional wrapping paper and box. Here are a few ideas to inspire your gift presentations with your partner’s favorite interests in mind.

• Use a map from your favorite vacation or a dreamed-about future destination.
• Newspaper is always an option to try- the sports section for the sports fanatic, or even the front page from an important date.
• Craft stores offer colorful, archival boxes. Make copies of your favorite photographs, and mementos and decoupage them on the box.
Moll Anderson's Christmas Closet• Home improvement stores sell paint cans and buckets that can be filled with surprises. Use brightly colored tissue or shredded paper to hide the gift.
• Instead of wrapping a tie in a box, use his neckwear to wrap the box or other surprise.
• Chinese take-out boxes come in a variety many sizes and can be personalized.
• Themed gift baskets make for a great presentation. Just remember when wrapping a basket with cellophane or paper, to use 3 times the size of the gift for the perfect amount of paper!

For more inspiration this holiday season, check out my new book Seductive Tables For Two.

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