Family Circle magazine October 17, 2011

How to Get Started With Bakerella’s Cake Pop Phenomenon

Family Circle magazine October 17, 2011

Family Circle magazine's October 17, 2011, issue

Family Circle and Everyday Food magazines help demystify Angie Dudley’s popular treats-on-a-stick.

Followers of the uber-creative blog Bakerella know all about cake pops, the simple but skillfully decorated treat that helped propel amateur blogger Angie Dudley to fame. And now thanks to the blog, books, magazine attention and even some shortcuts, this phenomenon is still, um, popping up all over.

And don’t think it’s going anywhere. Maybe there’s something about Halloween that brings out the creativity in everyone, because two of this month’s magazines are putting cake pops front and center–again.

Family Circle’s Oct. 17, 2011, issue featured an assortment of pumpkins, pirates, mummies and black cats on its cover with Dudley’s recipes and instructions for creating the seasonal pops inside.

A Martha Stewart publication, Everyday Food, shared some no-bake shortcuts (of all things) to pull off some cake pops for your Halloween festivities. (Ironically, it was “The Martha Stewart Show” that put Bakerella on the map when Dudley was called up to do an on-air demonstration.)

Ever since one of my dearest friends turned me on to Bakerella’s blog several years ago, I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making cake pops. I’ve got the supplies–and usually have the perishable ones in stock–but I’ve only gone so far as to make cake balls, which is what really started it all.

Quite simply, cake balls require a baked cake (from a mix) that’s crumbled and combined with a can of prepared frosting. The messy mixture is formed into balls, chilled, then dipped in melted chocolate and decorated. Place them on a lollipop stick and they become cake pops.

As easy as creating cake pops sounds–and as helpful as the step-by-step decorating instructions are–the end result can seem a little intimidating. If you want to break yourself in gently, follow the easy shortcuts from Everyday Food’s October 2011 issue.

Start with store-bought pound cake, cut into circles, dip in chocolate and decorate with Halloween candies and holiday-colored sprinkles and sugars. And don’t forget to check out the Bakerella blog for some inspiration.