Vegetarian Times magazine March 2012

How to Easily Build a Vegetarian Resource Library

Vegetarian Times magazine March 2012Blogger Summer Huggins is starting a 30-day vegetarian challenge. Here, she lists the best resources for those who are flirting with the idea or have already made the jump.

When I do something, I love to learn everything I can about it. My degree is in English with a focus on composition–my mom even calls me the “Grammar Queen”–and sitting at my desk right now, I can see 13 different books about grammar and the English language.

As I volunteer more and more with a dog rescue group here in town and work to teach my own dogs new tricks and commands, I’m amassing quite a collection of books on dog training and positive reinforcement.

So when I started flirting with the idea of venturing into a vegetarian lifestyle, I had so many questions about how to get started: How will I fit in the protein I worry about missing out on? How will I feed a meat-and-potatoes husband? To answer these questions, of course, I started reading!

I asked vegetarian friends and family members for recommendations as I built my own resource library for living a vegetarian lifestyle, and they had some great suggestions. Here are a few of the best:

  1. Vegetarian Times. Published nine times each year, this magazine includes more than just healthy recipes. It also features cooking tips and information about good overall health for vegetarians.
  2. Fresh & Fast Vegetarian. From side dishes to soups, this book holds 150 recipes for quick and easy vegetarian meals.
  3. How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. This book is huge and could easily be the only book in my kitchen on cooking vegetarian meals. Author Mark Bittman uses language and techniques that cooks of any level could master.
  4. Better Homes and Gardens 365 Vegetarian Meals. I’ve been thinking of giving myself a 30-day vegetarian trial period, just to see if I can do it. Since this book alone is filled with a whole year’s worth of recipes, I have no reason to stop at just 30 days.

If you’ve moved to a vegetarian lifestyle and have a favorite go-to book or magazine in your library, I’d love to hear what it is!