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An easy place to find a guiding vision for your style is through television shows and films. The influence that fashion and films have on one another may sometimes go unnoticed, but don’t be mistaken—they balance each other, they play off one another and they strengthen each other.

Banana Republic’s brilliant “Mad Men” collection was filled with high-waisted skirts, silk-tie neck blouses, tailored dresses and knit sweaters. The brand collaborated with the costume designer of AMC’s “Mad Men” to create this modern take on 60s fashion.

Those who devote their Monday nights to “Gossip Girl” know Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen as fashion moguls. Blair’s style is romantic and preppy, while Serena carries an effortless, boho-chic vibe. After watching an episode, you should give one of Serena’s looks your own spin! “Gossip Girl” stylist Eric Daman is designing a capsule collection of hosiery for DKNY. These uniquely patterned tights are an essential for my wardrobe this winter season.

There are so many fabulous ways you can incorporate TV and films into your own style. Big-name designers are breathing life into past decades’ trends: Ray Ban’s Wayfarer sunglasses, high buns resembling Audrey Hepburn’s up-do in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” can be seen in Donna Karan’s ads; designers Michael Kors and Dolce and Gabbana’s last collections come with an 80’s energy. Michael Kors’ bodysuits, elegant jumpsuits and colorblocking schemes are a contemporary way to bring back the 80s to your style. Dolce and Gabbana’s fall collection was a bit more obvious in their revitalizing of fun yellow, black and white star prints, bowler hats and socks paired with heels.

Or maybe you want a more classic look. Think Audrey Hepburn because a true fashion icon is realized when 50 years of trends have evolved, but a “So Audrey Hepburn!” look is still the way to go. You can’t go wrong in a classic black dress paired with a light lip, dramatic liner and jet-black lashes.

Find a vibe you love and go with it! What film inspires you?

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  • Cindy Ratzlaff

    I lived through the 80′s with movies like Annie Hall and Suddenly Seeking Susan influencing our sense of style…even Flash Dance made us all believe we could wear leg warmers. But that classic Audrey Hepburn look never, never goes out of vogue. Finding and embracing our own “classics” instead of emulating those movie fads is a lesson I’ve learned from looking back on some truly funny photos. Thank you, Moll, for reminding me that the classics never go out of style. Ray Bans, pearls, smartly coiffed hair, and a smile will always make us shine. If you were going to invest in one handbag you’ve seen in movies or on TV, Moll, where would you point us?

  • Paisleyposh

    I too loved the Banana Republic “Mad Men” collection! I’d love to see other retailers embrace pop culture in such a fun way. Since you’re a fashion insider, do you know, are there any other retailer plans? Like maybe Target could do a “Glee” collection?