Finished Spoon Rose

How to Creatively Repurpose Plastic Spoons: The Spoon Rose

Everyone has left the party and you’re left with the plastic cutlery. But before you haul out the trash can, check out this simple and bloomingly beautiful DIY project.

Plastic Spoon Flower

Make this budding flower entirely out of plastic spoons.

As I was browsing Pinterest today, a white flower caught my eye. It looked a little like some decorative ceramic flowers I’ve seen at different shops around town. Intrigued, I clicked on the photo, which led me to this blog, where I realized that – gasp! –  it was crafted entirely out of plastic spoons.

Now, before I jump into the how-to portion of this blog, I have to admit that my first attempt at this project (the lovely specimen to the right) does look like it was obviously constructed out of plastic spoons. However, after my first go at this, I’m absolutely convinced that I could quickly learn the art of beautifully bending those tiny spoon petals to make a more realistic-looking bloom.

This is a super simple craft that only requires a couple of supplies, almost all of which you probably have at home. I tweaked the tutorial a bit from the original blog and made a few changes as I went just to make the process a bit simpler for myself. Here’s how I did it:

The supplies you'll need to make a spoon rose

Step One: Gather Your Supplies. You could also use needle-nose pliers to hold the spoon over the flame.

1. Gather Your Supplies: For this project, you just need 17 plastic spoons (you may want a couple of extras in case you mess any up), a candle, scissors and a glue gun with just one glue stick.

Step 2 for Making a Plastic Spoon Rose

Step 2: You may want to cut your spoons even shorter than this, as it might make them easier to attach at the end.

Step 3: How to Make a Plastic Spoon Rose

Cut 10 large spoons, 5 medium and 2 small.

Step 2: Cut three sizes of spoons – 10 of the largest kind, 5 of the medium and 2 of the smallest. You can use the scissors to try and cut the spoons, but I found that it was easier in the end to just break them to the approximate size I wanted.

Step 3 How to Make a Plastic Spoon Rose

You can move the spoon over the flame to try and get the shape you want.

Step 3: Hold each of the spoons over the flame, keeping in mind which part of the flower you’ll be creating with each size of spoon. The longest will create the bottom layer, the middle size will go in the middle and the tiniest two will be the central petals of your rose. During this step, you can use your fingers to shape the petals while they’re still a little hot. You may want to do the melting portion of this project outside to avoid the smell.

Step 4: How to Make a Plastic Spoon Rose

Step 4: Melt the remaining ends of the handle one by one and join them together.

Step 4: This was a tiny bit tricky at first, but it ended up turning out well. Melt the remaining ends of the handles one by one and join them together in a circle. You’ll want to start with the longest spoons, creating a circle, as seen above. Then, melt the ends of your medium spoons and add them to the top and do the same with the smaller ones. You have some freedom here to place petals wherever you want them. Hold them in place for a few seconds to give the plastic time to harden.

How to Make a Plastic Spoon Rose

Step 5: How to Make a Plastic Spoon Rose

Step 5: Using your glue gun at the end adds extra hold for the petals.

Step 5: Add a circle of hot glue beneath the petals. This just helps fortify the melted plastic bonds of the spoon. My flower felt a little fragile until I reinforced it with the glue.

Finished Plastic Spoon Rose

And voila! Now you have a cute plastic spoon rose, and you can let your imagination run wild thinking up where you want to use it in your house. I think I’ll make three and place them in the center of my table as a fun centerpiece. You can also used colored spoons or spray paint your finished product to give it a little more pop!

  • G’MaRie

    I like this idea. It reminds me more of a magnolia than an rose. Leafy garland, little scent, a few of these and one could make make a nice magnolia swag.