How Magazines Are Making Me Feel Better, Stronger and Younger

Shape_Oct.jpgFact: Reading health and fitness magazines burns calories.

I’m joking, sort of. I take comfort in the fact that something as simple as sleeping or reading burns calories, especially on a day when I might have eaten an extra cookie. But I’m finding that the more I surround myself with my favorite health and fitness magazines, the healthier I’m becoming.

Don’t get me wrong: Simply stacking a bunch of Men’s Health and Shape magazines on the coffee table won’t do the trick; I only wish it were that easy! But I can say this: The more I read about healthy foods, the more I try them and the healthier I eat. The more I blog about trying new fitness routines and yoga poses (and I try each one that I write about), the stronger my muscles feel. And the more I read about all the little things we can do to combat aging (and then start living them), the closer this thirty-something feels to age 29.

Since I began blogging for Fit MagaScene a few months ago, I’m happy to tell you that I’ve lost 13 pounds!

So, surround yourself with your favorite health and fitness magazines and a like-minded friend. Start living a healthier life using the tips you find inside and the encouragement you get from one another. Before you know it, you’ll feel better, stronger, younger.

And as you may know, the stronger you are, the more calories you can burn in your sleep. Or while reading a magazine!