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November 5, 2010

How Kanye West Gave Taylor Swift ‘One Million Magazine Covers’

Kanye_Taylor_VMAs.jpgWill someone please tell these two to drop it already? Kanye West was recently interviewed on the radio program “Mojo in the Morning,” and just had to bring up the whole Taylor Swift debacle–again.

In the interview, West claims, “I feel like when Taylor was getting all those magazine covers, she was all good then. I feel completely empathetic and sympathize with that moment of her feeling bad, that spawned her to have one million magazine covers and be the most popular artist in the world, but in that moment of her feeling bad, I do feel bad about being the cause of that.”
West famously stole the spotlight from Swift at last year’s MTV Video
Music Awards when he interrupted her Best Female Video acceptance
speech. The result of his drunken stage plow was, as he said, making
Swift even more beloved and popular with her fans and sending himself
into virtual obscurity for months.

A year later, just as things seemed to blow over, Swift introduced her song “Innocent” from the recently released Speak Now–which
has sold over one million copies in its first week– at this year’s MTV
awards, presumably as an act of simultaneously calling West out on his
behavior and forgiving him for it. Fans took to Twitter in a mixed
reaction to the song.

It seems the two artists have found a way
to capitalize off of what the other says and does. Swift’s team did
strike while the iron was hot, making the most of the unfortunate VMA
spectacle. The country crossover star has now moved an enormous number
of her latest album, thanks in part to “Innocent,” the song ‘dedicated’
to West.

So the timing of West’s comments should, at this point,
come as no surprise. It seems neither Swift nor West is ready to let go
just yet.

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