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Moll Anderson’s Tips to Adding Special Touches to Your Home Decor

You’ve heard me say time and again that a seductive home is not about extravagance, but instead it’s about doing the best with what you have available to you! A seductive home caters to your personal special touches and makes you feel better the moment you walk in the door.

Just as extra thick towels and a feather duvet can make a hotel room something more than just a place to spend the night, a few special touches can transform a simple functional room into something luxurious.

To start simple, take this approach room by room; I suggest starting in the most important room in your home, the bedroom!


  • Determine your budget, but remember that the first thing on your list has to be a great mattress!
  • Enjoy the seductiveness that comes with excellent sheets, remember the higher the thread count—the better they will feel! Experiment with the touch-feel test and go with the sheets that feel the best to you!
  • Think clean and sleek lines. Your bedroom doesn’t need to be filled with furniture to be fabulous. A Zen room with a simple bed on a platform, a large vase with curly willows, and a couple of fabulous pillows might be just the place to bring you calm and comfort.
  • Save the family photos for the family room. Photos of parents or kids tend to squash the romance!
  • Never forget to make your bed in the morning and fluff your pillows…it’s much more inviting than an unmade bed or a bed with clutter!


  • Keep your toiletries out of eyesight by tucking them away in baskets.
  • Display pretty containers of bath salts, fizzes, or oils!
  • Have fun with your towels! Fold them in a new way or roll and place them in a cool basket, or stack them neatly on a bench—just as you might see at a luxury hotel!
  • Keep fresh flowers by the sink to add a pop of color and brighten your mood.

Living room:

  • An easy way to bring in a new color is to find a soft, colorful throw blanket. Drape it over a chair or the edge of your couch to lighten it up.
  • Dim the lights and light candles.
  • Rearrange your art! It’s an inexpensive way to change the vibe in your living space.

You are the most important person to step foot into your home and these easy changes can make it feel that much more special to you! Take the ordinary and create extraordinary with these simple tips!

Which room will you start transforming? Share your comments below.

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