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Spice Up Your Holidays with Moll Anderson’s Essential Spices

Holiday dinners shared with family and friends are the most memorable. For me, the holiday season is when I prepare the timeless family recipes that my husband and family enjoy. The combination of flavor from sweet and savory to hot and spicy are pleasing to the palate. The spices for fall and winter add heat to your menu–from the warmth of cinnamon to the kick of cumin.

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Coriander—works with both sweet and savory foods. Grind and add to cookies, or coat chicken before grilling.

Cinnamon—Used since ancient times, cinnamon makes a home smell homey, so use it with abandon in baked goods. Plenty of long-simmered meats benefit from a cinnamon stick in the pot. It’s said to treat colds, ease nausea and improve energy levels.

Cumin—From the Southwest to the Middle East, cumin arouses appetites with its tantalizing fragrance.

Paprika—Deep red paprika promises–and delivers–a rich pepper flavor. It’s common in Spanish and Hungarian foods.

Fennel—Small, striped seed with a big licorice flavor that’s at home in Italian and Scandinavian food and is wonderful with fish.

Chili powder—Heats up any dish with a little ground fire. The mixture typically includes cumin, oregano and sometimes garlic.

Nutmeg—Warm and sweet flavor goes naturally with autumn foods like winter squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, custard, raisins and other fruit.

Kosher Salt—Coarse flat grains add crunch as well as seasoning. Kosher salt makes the best rub for grilled meat

Black Pepper—Good quality peppercorns have just enough bite to get your attention, and more fragrance than heat.

For more tips on spicing up your menu, check out my new book Seductive Tables For Two.

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