Halloween trick or treat at a doorstep

4 Non-Food Treat Ideas for Halloween

Halloween trick or treat at a doorstepOur neighborhood is a popular one on Halloween each year. There is only one entrance and exit to our little neighborhood, and there is a playground in the middle. Parents from nearby neighborhoods often drop their children to trick-or-treat and then meet them in the playground to head home with their haul.

Candy is and always will be the most popular treat among kids, but many parents are appreciative to find sugar-free goodies of the non-edible kind in their kids’ sacks too. And with food allergies in children seemingly on the rise, you just never know which ghost or goblin at your door might not be allowed to eat the tasty treats you’re giving out.

If you’d like to spare your favorite neighborhood kids the extra sugar, calories and allergic reactions this year, here are four, fun, non-food treat alternatives:

  1. Puzzles/games. Playing cards. Bouncing balls. Jigsaw puzzles. All can add to the evening of fun after the candy has been eaten.
  2. Movie tickets. They could get pricey to buy for everyone, but my two favorite neighbor kids are going to get them. I hope they’ll see something silly and fun!
  3. School supplies. Pencils with bats on them and erasers shaped like pumpkins. Such school supplies–which can easily be bought in bulk–will last much longer than Halloween itself.
  4. Stickers or temporary tattoos. When kids get home and go through their goodie bags, they’ll have fun putting the stickers on their bags, in sticker books and on their notebooks for school.

Last year I handed out playing cards and old-fashioned candy, but I haven’t decided what to hand out this year. What will you be giving to your neighborhood trick-or-treaters?