If her name was not emblazoned in large type on the front of W magazine, would you have recognized her? Thick, dramatic brows, white lipstick and eyeshadow, pale hair–how very Edie. Many people are calling Photoshop foul, including jennychoo:

The new cover of W mag goes too far and joins
the endless photoshoped covers we’ve seen a lot lately. It’s like a
competition now, who’s gonna make their cover girl less recognizable.
Gwyneth Paltrow falls a victim of the perfectionist retouching artist
from W, who decided that she is too human and made her look like the
latest invasion from the space, with almost metal-smooth skin and hair.

Apple’s mama is a lovely lady, if not a little stiff for my celebrity tastes, but this is not a good look for her. Her beauty is a masculine beauty to begin with, and so the harsh makeup, hair and eyebrows make her look almost manly. However, it is a striking cover, and the rest of the images from the photo shoot are phenomenal as well.

What do you think? Too Photoshoppy?

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