Glamour Magazine’s ‘Body Image Revolution’

Glamour_201011.pngThe November issue of Glamour magazine is going to look a little different, a change the fashion magazine hopes will help adjust the way we see beauty and ourselves. The issue is featuring seven plus-sized models ranging from three to five sizes larger than the usual svelte-bordering-on-emaciated models who typically get hired by fashion magazines.

So what brought about the change the magazine is calling a “body image revolution”? Why, that would be its readers. Back in September, Glamour published a small portrait of a young woman posing au natural. Editor-in-chief Cindi Leive says of “the girl on page 194″ (a normal-sized Lizzi Miller), “I’d loved this photo at first sight myself–we’d commissioned it for a story on feeling comfortable in your skin, and wanted a model who looked like she was.”

The result was a sea of confirmation that the magazine was headed in the right direction. Readers everywhere wrote in to say they identified with the image of Miller. A reader from Pavo, Georgia called the portrait “the most amazing photograph I’ve ever seen in any women’s magazine.”

Another reader from Somerset, Massachusetts wrote, “This beautiful woman has a real stomach and did I even see a few stretch marks? … This photo made me want to shout from the rooftops.”

Well, readers, the editors of Glamour magazine have heard you loud and clear. “As you’ll read in our November issue, Glamour is committing to featuring a greater range of body types in our pages, including in fashion and beauty stories,” Leive says.

So behold the first fruits of your labors and words of affirmation, America! Hopefully, more beautiful women like these will begin to grace the pages of all fashion magazines, but for now, we’re happy to start with Glamour.

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