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WomansDay_summer.jpgEveryone is looking for ways to cut back these days. Unless you’ve been lucky enough to escape the fallout of “The Great Recession” (as the Associated Press calls it), you’re probably searching for ways to skimp and save in every part of your life. I know I am! For the frugally minded, the March issue of Woman’s Day magazine includes tons of short, substantive articles on how to save on travel, entertainment, food, fashion, decorating and home organization.

The cover story,”50 Things to Do With $5,” was my favorite article. Often we women think that the only way to properly pamper ourselves is to shell out lots of cash on a spa day, a girls’ getaway or a shopping trip. But the truth is, simply allowing ourselves little indulgences–a cupcake here, a cheap cocktail ring there–may be all the spoiling we need to satisfy us for the moment. The article is full of novel ideas to help you entertain, decorate, treat yourself and give back, all without spending more than $5. My favorite find in the article was a $3 set of stylish to-do folders from OfficeMax that come in spring colors and divide tasks into “today,” “tomorrow” and “never” folders! 

Another cost-cutting article, “The Do-It-Yourself Vacation,” offers four pages of websites and phone apps to help you plan your next trip without blowing your budget. From getting there and finding where to stay to eating out and exploring, the article provides a range of resources to help you nail down the best prices. If a vacation isn’t in the cards this summer, you can get advice from a thrifty mom on planning fun but affordable mini-trips in your own town.

Redecorating your home can get super expensive really fast (trust me, I know!), but in this issue, you can find simple solutions to help you reorganize and spruce up your living space without racking up debt your credit card. Sometimes it’s a matter of adding a few colorful pillows to furniture to punch up a room or hanging a mirror on the wall to enlarge the space. You could spend a fortune on gadgets and gizmos to help you organize your kitchen, but the magazine’s “Kitchen Confidential” article shows you how the simplest and cheapest products often work the best. Think $2 hooks for towels, potholders and measuring spoons that you can stick inside cabinets or hang over pantry doors. 

I would like to applaud Woman’s Day magazine for its budget-conscious hints and tips. Finally, a magazine that understands that not all women shop at Nordstrom, drive BMWs or have several hundreds of dollars in our pockets to plunk down for a home decorating project. Best of all, the magazine makes saving money seem like a fun, rewarding game, not a depressing obligation. This is the magazine for creative ways to cut corners. I’m sold!

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