Get Organized: Family Circle Magazine Promises a Clutter-Free Home In Just 30 Days

familycircle_february2011.jpgOverall I’d give myself a B+ for tidiness. My house is (mostly) clean and my drawers are (somewhat) organized. But I always dream about how put together I’d be if I had a few days of uninterrupted time to organize. Turns out, I don’t need all that long, according to the February 2011 issue of Family Circle magazine.

My favorite article this month is a step-by-step guide to becoming clutter-free in 30 days. “Forget about organizing overhauls,” editors write. “The slow-and-steady approach is much more effective for time-pressed moms.”

An organization tip is specified for each day of the month. Some days the task will take you 15 minutes, other days maybe just five. But editors promise you’ll be inspired by the results and will enjoy a clutter-free house in just one month.

Here are some of my favorite tips:

Day 3: Pull cleaning supplies from under the kitchen sink and find a specific place for them in the room where they’re most used. Store shower and tub cleaner in a bathroom closet, move the wood polish to a dining room sideboard. Your kitchen sink will be cleaner and you’ll have the supplies you need within reach when you’re ready.

Day 10: Don’t let your shower be taken over by half-empty bottles. “It should be a peaceful place, not a shampoo graveyard,” says organizing expert Jill Pollack. Purchase shelves to accommodate oversize bottles and use rubber clamps to ensure a secure fit.

Day 14: Keep your closet tidy by using ultra-thin hangers that have a velvety coating. They’ll keep silk shirts in place and strappy dresses from sliding off.

Day 29: Toss the plastic containers taking up space in your cabinet. Invest in square glass containers that take up less room than round ones.

Day 30: Don’t let your pantry be overrun by bulk purchases. Designate a Costco or Sam’s space in your garage and keep only a manageable amount of food in your kitchen.

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