Forbes Magazine Focuses on Retirement–and “Un-Retirement”–Issues This Month

forbes_magazine_subscription_20110411.jpgIn yesterday’s post, we looked at SmartMoney magazine’s coverage of retirement issues in its April issue. That magazine isn’t the only place to find a package of retirement-focused stories in personal finance magazine subscriptions this month. The bi-weekly Forbes magazine also covers
retirement in one of its April issues.

The package starts off with a
story dubbed the “Un-Retirement Guide” because it deals with
transitioning into a new career in retirement–from museum curator to art appraiser, for example. Other stories include investment strategies, and how to check up on your pension benefits–especially if your company changes hands. And here’s something to note: The magazine advises saving paperwork, as in actual paper.

One particularly pertinent story in Forbes advises readers to take measures to protect financial passwords, including determining a way to provide access to electronic accounts and files in case you’re out of commission, incapacitated or worse.

A four-page fold-out section (wrapped in an ad) compares the best and worst places in the country to retire based on taxes, volunteer opportunities, etc. Pros and cons of each city are also mentioned, including factors like crime, humid summers and frigid weather.