6 Changes in Bon Appétit Magazine Since Adam Rapoport and Company Took Over

Change was inevitable at Bon Appétit magazine this year, what with a new editor-in-chief, a new test kitchen director, a new publisher and a new home in New York City. The 2011 issues thus far haven’t yielded any (or at ...
by Michelle Ryan


Stalking Nashville’s Best Food Trucks and Discovering Their Must-Have Eats

Guest blogger and self-described food truck chaser Gwen McCoy tracks down the best fare on wheels in Nashville. Before you take a bite out of life, try her five must-haves. If you haven’t jumped aboard the food truck phenomen...
by Gwen McCoy

sweet potato cupcakes by Michelle Ryan

Better Homes & Gardens’ Sweet Potato Cupcake Recipe a Hit—With Some Changes

What better way to celebrate National Cupcake Day (Dec. 15) than with a Better Homes & Gardens’ treat that’s a perfect fit for the season? Blame it on the season, I guess, but I’ve been obsessed with sweet pot...
by Michelle Ryan



Natural Health Magazine Tests Veggie Burger Recipes, Names Top 5

Veggie burgers have come a long way since I was a kid. No longer a frozen and mushy mess, a good veggie burger can almost trick even the most devoted of carnivores. Almost. Natural Living magazine knows that skipping the meat e...
by Summer Huggins

Strawberry Pound Cake_FM

Southern Living’s Strawberry Swirl Cream Cheese Pound Cake Challenges My Vanilla Tastes–and Wins

When it comes to pound cake, I’m something of a purist. A plain sour cream or buttermilk version is fine by me, and if it’s good enough (usually meaning if one of my accomplished aunts has made it), no additional to...
by Michelle Ryan


The Best I’ve Ever Had: Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Featured in Country Living

Last week I was getting caught up on one of my favorite blogs, Eat. Drink. Smile., when I came across news of the Nashville, Tenn., ice cream-making contest Miss Martha’s Ice Cream Crankin’. I myself am dairy intole...
by Kara Gause