CREMA latte art

How Do I Buy Good Coffee?

A coffee expert and Barista Trainer at the Nashville “brewtique” CREMA, Nathanael Mehrens answers the question we’ve all asked more than once: How do I know I’m buying good coffee and where do I get it? ...
by Nathanael Mehrens

How to Make Whole Living Pumpkin Muffins

DIY For the Average Jane: Whole Living Pumpkin Muffins

Oh the many wondrous things you can do with a little pumpkin pie filling and pumpkin spice. This week, we take on pumpkin muffins from Whole Living magazine. I seem to have pumpkin on the brain right now, as this is my second t...
by Brittany Joy Cooper


Cooking for You and Your Furry Friend Too

You could say I’m a dog lover. I’ve helped take care of several family pets over the years. I’ve fallen in love with them, treasured their companionship and deeply mourned their passing. I’ve had many a ...
by Michelle Ryan



Like Brussels Sprouts? Grab November’s Whole Living Magazine

Are there poppy seeds in my teeth? Of course there are after that meal, which included the Shredded Brussels Sprouts With Lemon and Poppy Seeds from the November issue of Whole Living magazine. At only 74 calories a serving, ho...
by Summer Huggins


Get a Sneak Peek From Magazines on How the Movie “The Help” Celebrates Southern Food

If “The Help,” the Dreamworks movie opening Wednesday, Aug. 10, lives up to the praise for “The Help,” the novel by Jackson, Miss., native Kathryn Stockett, then it should be a good one. The book, alread...
by Michelle Ryan

Cooking Light magazine November 2011 cover

4 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menus From Magazines That Aren’t Talking Turkey

As un-American as it sounds, some of us just don’t care for turkey. Nope, not even on Thanksgiving. But don’t tell that to the Pilgrims (though it’s likely the bird wasn’t part of their first feast). There aren’t many...
by Michelle Ryan