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6 More of the Easiest Christmas Recipes on Pinterest

6 More of the Easiest Christmas Recipes on Pinterest

6 More of the Easiest Christmas Recipes on Pinterest Holiday Recipes Easy Appetizers DessertsToo busy? Can’t cook? No problem! You can still make the cutest holiday appetizers and treats with these super easy  recipes we scoured Pinterest to find. Even better—little to  no cooking required!

Oops, you did it again. You got so consumed in the decorating, the shopping, and the wrapping that there’s precious little time to devote to making all those festive holiday treats you found in December cooking magazines or pinned on Pinterest.

With Christmas Eve just a week away, don’t think you have to resort to serving a bowl of red and green candies. We’ve scoured the popular pinning phenomenon that is Pinterest to find the easiest, most festive ideas we could find.

The “6 Easiest Christmas Recipes on Pinterest” that we highlighted last year were so popular that this year we’re giving you six more (clockwise from left on photo)—so even the busiest, least creative, or cooking-challenged among us create a treat that’s the hit of the holiday party.

1. Edible Caprese Wreath: Start with a pretty platter or a pedestal dish, like a cake stand, and create a layer of basil. Then arrange mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes on toothpicks in a wreath design for an easy and festive appetizer. No cooking required!

2. Grinch Kebobs: Fun for kids—or kids at heart—this treat could not be easier. Simply arrange a mini marshmallow, strawberry, banana slice, and a grape on a small stick. (Tip: Spritz banana slices with lemon or pineapple juice to keep from turning brown.)

3. Chocolate Reindeer Donuts or Snowman Donuts: Dress up your donuts for the season! Add red candies for the nose and pretzels the antlers to chocolate donuts to make reindeer. Use candy corn and pipe melted chocolate to turn powdered donuts into snowmen.

4. Santa Hat Brownie Bites: Bake your favorite brownie mix using a mini cupcake pan. Cool and remove from the pan, then add a swirl of buttercream frosting, and garnish with a strawberry with the top sliced off. Easy to pull off, even at the last minute!

5. Rice Krispies Trees: Take your Rice Krispies treat making up a notch. Add green food coloring, shape into trees and decorate with red sprinkles or small cinnamon candies. Top with a yellow candy, such as mini M&M’s and add a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup for the base.

6. Dipped Candy Cane Chocolate Marshmallows: For an elegant, but still very easy treat, stick a candy cane into a large marshmallow, then dip in chocolate and crushed candy canes. Melting the chocolate is the only “cooking” required!

For these and other easy Christmas recipes, check out our Pinterest board here!

Favorite Thanksgiving Magazine Covers Food Magazines Holiday Food

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Magazine Covers

Thanksgiving Magazine Covers Favorite Covers Holiday Food Cooking MagazinesCan’t wait for turkey? Prefer pecan pie instead? We’ll whet your appetite for the Thanksgiving feast by counting down our favorite November food magazine covers.

By now, most of you are either busy preparing the Thanksgiving meal or traveling to gather with family and friends around one (or maybe several). Even as you count your many blessings or treasure time spent with loved ones, the holiday feast typically takes center stage; after all, it’s generally what gathers us all together in the first place.

So as you cook and bake or fly the friendly skies to your holiday destination, we thought we’d help get you in the spirit—of the Thanksgiving feast anyway—with our six favorite November cooking magazine covers.

Southern Living: Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be complete without a pecan pie, but this creation takes it new a new level. Practically a work of art, this Salted Caramel-Chocolate Pecan Pie is definitely worthy of the November cover and would be a welcome addition to any table.

EatingWell: Whole or jellied, cranberries usually play second fiddle to the turkey and dressing that are the focal point of the Thanksgiving spread, so it’s nice to see them get their due on this simple, yet elegant November/December cover.

Martha Stewart Living: Martha’s covers always have a flair for the artistic, and for the carved turkey on the November cover, it’s is all about the presentation. She suggests fanning out the cut pieces of meat, garnishing with fruits and herbs, and serving on a pretty platter.

Bon Appetit: Now this is a sight we like to see on Thanksgiving: the presentation of the centerpiece of the holiday meal. This November cover celebrates a holiday moment that’s bound to be repeated again and again in homes across the country, but it never gets old.

Taste of the South: Yes, the turkey is important, but let’s also give thanks for the delicious sides that will be served on plenty of Southern tables this year. Favorites like Green Bean Casserole, Cornbread Dressing, and Sweet Potato Casserole are just as beloved as the turkey—and this cover recognizes that.

Cooking With Paula Deen: The next best thing to turkey and all the trimmings has to be the dessert selection, and this cover features three drool-worthy options—Salted Caramel Pumpkin Pie, Buttermilk Pie with Glazed Cranberries, and Chocolate Cream Pie with Peanut Butter Topping.

Cooking Food Magazine Subscription Discounts Deals

7 Must-Try Food Magazine Subscriptions—Now Up to 79% Off

Cooking Food Magazine Subscription Discounts DealsGet in on all the great food during the fall and holiday season with great deals on more than 90 cooking and food magazine subscriptions, including these seven of our favorites!

Fall is a pretty good season for food. There’s tailgating, there’s Halloween, then comes Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not to mention all those good comfort foods during and in between.

With such a focus on eating, now’s a good time to consider trying out a new food magazine subscription or maybe adding another to your collection. Just think of all those seasonal recipes you can try before 2014 rolls around!

Now you can save up to 79% on some of our most popular cooking and food magazine subscriptions, including top-rated customer favorites and maybe a few you hadn’t considered. With fall and all its delicious food in mind, we’ve come up with seven cooking magazines that you should at least give a chance.

Cooking Light: Holiday sweets, rich casseroles, hearty soups and more sweets can pile up fast this season. If you’d rather stave off the guilt of overindulging, turn to this magazine that helps cut fat and calories without cutting back on taste.

Southern Living: Southern food has a reputation all its own, and if you’re obsessed with all cuisine south of the Mason-Dixon, you’ll read all about it here. Think fried chicken, shrimp and grits, pimiento cheese, biscuits and more, and that’s just a taste of what this magazine has to offer.

Food Network Magazine: Not only can you keep up with your favorite celebrity chefs in every issue, but also you’ll find easy weeknight meal ideas, copycat recipes, fun desserts, menus for parties and holiday gatherings, and indispensable cooking tips to make your life easier.

Food & Wine: It’s an obvious choice if you’re a food and wine lover, but want to know more about pairing them up. Travel through vineyards here and abroad through its pages, plus get wine recommendations suitable for any budget and easier-than-you-think recipes.

Vegetarian Times: Even if you haven’t eschewed meat, this magazine is still a great read. Thoughtful, in-depth articles about healthy eating, meatless meal plans and helpful nutritional advice come standard in every issue. Plus the recipes look delicious, too.

Cook’s Illustrated: Not nearly as flashy as the other magazines on this list, this simple gem comes with such a wealth of cooking and kitchen tips that you won’t notice the absence of flashy photos and pages upon pages of ads. (In fact, there are no ads.)

YUM Food & Fun for Kids: Whether you want to get your kids in on the fun in the kitchen—or you just want to get in touch with your inner child—this magazine has recipes easy enough for the kids to make, plus creative enough so they enjoy it.

Cooking Light Blueberry-Peach Cobbler Recipe

Celebrate National Peach Month with Cooking Light’s Blueberry-Peach Cobbler

Cooking Light's Blueberry-Peach Cobbler RecipeAugust is National Peach Month, so to celebrate, we’re recommending Cooking Light’s Blueberry-Peach Cobbler that combines two of summer’s freshest fruits in a delicious way!

If you’ve been reading this season’s food and cooking magazines or taking notice of the produce aisles at the supermarket, then it’s no surprise the plethora of peach recipes and market specials on the stone fruit are heralding the start of National Peach Month in August.

Three years ago about this time, I made a Blueberry-Peach Cobbler from Cooking Light magazine. But in the midst of another cooking/baking-related project, I cut the recipe in half, then in half again so as not to have an embarrassment of sweet riches to either consume myself or add to the growing queue to share with others.

The end result was good, but I couldn’t help but wonder if I hadn’t compromised the recipe too much. For a year after the first attempt, I’d been meaning to revisit this Blueberry-Peach Cobbler, but it took nearly 12 months to get around to it.

Then again, it wouldn’t be the same without fresh peaches and blueberries, so I’d like to think I was at least partially handcuffed by the seasons.

Personally, I think a good peach cobbler can stand alone on its own merits, but the addition of vanilla ice cream can mask a less-than-stellar one. Where a “typical” peach cobbler recipe gets a little kick from the addition of cinnamon, Cooking Light‘s gets its something extra from lemon juice and brown sugar.

Once the peaches are sliced, they are drizzled with freshly squeezed lemon juice; this adds an unusual citrusy vibrance to both fruits that enhances their sweetness as well. The pastry crust, which tends to get overpowered by the fruit if the recipe is cut too drastically, gets sweetened with a sprinkling of light brown sugar (an acceptable substitute for the turbinado sugar the recipe calls for).

Overall, making the full recipe is a wise move. The taste of the fruits doesn’t get lost if the recipe is cut, but the amount of the pastry topping seems to be reduced too much in comparison, which is after all an important piece of the pie, er, cobbler.

And this recipe is an excellent choice for enjoying two delicious options from the season’s bounty.

National Hot Dog Day

7 Daring Ways to Put on the Dog for National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog DayIt’s National Hot Dog Month and Saturday is National Hot Dog Day. Food Network Magazine is sharing 30 delicious and daring ways to put on the dog and celebrate.

Though easily dismissed as a food of convenience rather than one of taste, the hot dog is getting a gourmet makeover, thanks to Food Network Magazinejust in time for National Hot Dog Month (July) and National Hot Dog Day, July 20.

Hundreds of millions of hot dogs are consumed each year, typically synonymous with holiday cookouts and sporting events, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. So it’s no wonder the group reveres this American icon with its own month and day.

But the dog’s status doesn’t end there. The Nathan’s International Hot Dog Eating Contest held annually on July 4 at Coney Islandthe site which helped propel the hand-held edible to popularityis covered live by the likes of the ESPN cable sports network.

Though Food Network Magazine stopped short of acknowledging the hot dog holidaythere’s no mention of the national month or dayits 30 creative variations of what to put on the dog more than made up for its own slight.

To its credit, Food Network Magazine had fun with the frankfurter, getting creative with toppings that range from the daily to the daring. So if chili cheese and sauerkraut have become too blasé, here are seven sophisticated tastes to tantalize your taste buds in honor of National Hot Dog Month and National Hot Dog Day:

  1. Low-Country Dogs: A regional favorite, the Low-Country Boil, goes to the dogs on mini potato buns filled with hot dogs, Old Bay seasoned potatoes and corn.
  2. Taco Dogs: Ditch the bun for a south-of-the-border taste of grilled hot dogs, shredded cheddar, lettuce, salsa and sour cream stuffed in a flour tortilla.
  3. BLT Dogs: The popular sandwich gets reconfigured with hot dogs cooked in bacon grease, then served on toasted buns with mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomato.
  4. California Dogs: This vegetarian-friendly fare calls for tofu dogs on whole wheat buns topped with avocado, cucumber, sprouts and carrots, and drizzled with salad dressing.
  5. Po’boy Dogs: Bayou flavors like rémoulade sauce and Creole seasoning dress up these grilled dogs garnished with romaine lettuce and pickled okra.
  6. Jerk Chicken Dogs: Grilled jerk-seasoned chicken dogs served with lettuce, jalapenos, mango chutney, mayo and jerk sauce give the hot dog a Caribbean makeover.
  7. Curry Dogs: A puree of lime juice, brown sugar, dates, cumin and chili powder add Asian flair to these chicken dogs topped with cilantro, onion and curry snack mix.

Pinterest July 4 collage_featured

4 of the Easiest July 4th Recipes from Pinterest

Easy July 4 Recipes on PinterestLooking for a fun—yet easy—July 4 recipe? These are some of the easiest, sure-to-please dessert and snack ideas from Pinterest that are as patriotic as they are delicious!

If you’ve browsed a grocery store bakery, your favorite food magazine or even Pinterest about this time of year, you’ve probably noticed a burst of red, white and blue for desserts or dessert ideas.

And that layer cake with alternating red and white layers topped with blueberries (and possibly even more red and white stripes) always seems like a good idea ahead of time.

But somehow your inner Martha Stewart gets shoved to the side with work, kids and household responsibilities—and maybe even travel plans.

But you can still pull off one of those super Pinterest mom (or maybe even dad) desserts with one of these four easy options. They’ll just take a little slicing, skewering, light baking and patience.

1. Fabulous Fruit Skewers: By far the easiest of the four, these flag fruit kebobs only require slicing and skewering. Perhaps the kids can even help with this one, provided you slice the fruit and give some tips on skewering safety.

2. Patriotic Party Jell-O Snacks: The presentation of these may look a little intimidating (read: time-consuming), but you can skip painting the jar lids, the twine and the American flags if you must. This recipe is easy—all you’re doing is making Jell-O, adding fruit and letting it set in individual jars—but it will require some patience because it takes a couple of steps.

3. Wave Your Flag Cake: Several pre-packaged or store-bought shortcuts make this cake easier to prepare than it looks. Sliced pound cake on the bottom is covered with softened gelatin, sliced strawberries and blueberries. Once set, a layer of whipped topping and festively arranged strawberries and blueberries equals a pretty patriotic cake.

4. Flag Fruit Pizza: This one requires a little baking, but the rave reviews it’s gotten may just make it worth it. The crust is pre-packaged sugar cookie dough, and the sauce is a blend of cream cheese, powdered sugar and whipped topping. The most difficult step (other than maybe arranging the fruit) is the glaze, which will require using a saucepan to bring the ingredients—sugar, OJ, water and lemon juice—to a boil.

Best wishes for a safe and happy 4th!