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Food Trends to Look for in 2012

Time magazine's January 9, 2012, issue

Time magazine's January 9, 2012, issue is dubbed a "User's Guide" for the year ahead and includes good and bad food-related news for 2012.

From horrible U.S. eating habits to a gluten-free beer that might finally taste good, Time highlights several food-related trends in its 2012 “User’s Guide.”

Time magazine’s “essential” guide to 2012 hit the major categories you’d expect: politics, science, business, culture. And though one of our truly main essentials—food—didn’t rate its own category in the news magazine’s first-ever predictions-for-the-year-ahead list, there were still some potential food-related trends worthy of attention.

Unfortunately, the news isn’t all good. Between eating too much and not eating what’s good for us, we’re basically killing ourselves. Widespread obesity threatens to lower life expectancy for the first time in the modern era, and heart disease, while treatable, kills more people than does cancer.

But with new restaurants like Underbelly in Houston specializing in meat (with an on-site butcher no less), is it any wonder? This hot spot was actually touted by Time magazine as a place to go out with a bang, since some are pointing to the Maya calendar and circling Dec. 21, 2012, as the date the world’s going to end.

If you’d rather take your chances, but still want to take precautions, you can lock in your reservation for a fully-stocked bunker (food, water, clothing—even pets stay free!) for $35,000. Choose between family or group shelters in Indiana or four other states expected to have theirs complete by December.

Until that fateful date—or not—the race is on to determine America’s new favorite sandwich. Move over, Big Mac and Whopper. Time’s new pick has a decidedly more exotic flair. The banh mi packed with meats, veggies and sauces is in the running, as is the Umami Burger, from the chain of the same name. This East-meets-West take earned it Burger of the Year honors from GQ magazine.

And call it another victory for celiac sufferers. Though it’s become the “in” thing for some to eliminate gluten from their diets, those with the true affliction can look forward to a wider selection of gluten-free beers this year, including one from Dogfish Head this month.

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