Food Network, Marie Claire Top Most Successful Magazine List of 2010

FoodNetworkmag.jpgAdweek, the advertising industry’s magazine, named Food Network to the top of its 31st annual Hot List.

The rankings are based on traditional metrics like ad page, ad revenue, newsstand and overall circulation and growth. Social media influence, press impressions and search engine results were also measured. And finally, Adweek also measured product quality, based on the number of edit pages, Web traffic, awards and other reader satisfaction benchmarks to determine the list.

The full list is:

1. Food Network magazine
2. Marie Claire
3. Elle Decor
4. Wired
5. GQ
6. People StyleWatch
7. Cosmopolitan
8. Rolling Stone
9. Bloomberg Businessweek
10.Vanity Fair

Is your favorite magazine on the list?

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  • Tyler Reed

    Great list! I’m surprised to see GQ there, though, and not Esquire. I’m glad to see Food Network Magazine, Wired and Bloomberg Businessweek on the list.