Five Real Estate and Property Tips From Money Magazine’s May Issue

money_magazine_subscription_may2011.jpgMoney magazine‘s May cover story is all about getting the most out of
your money. To that end, the magazine offers 100 suggestions on a variety of topics including travel,
investing, career and consumer habits. Two pages of the 16-page cover
package deal with real estate–and that’s what caught me eye.

you’re in the market for real estate, trying to sell real estate in this
market, or just trying to keep costs down around the house, you’ll find
plenty of information here.

  1. Outside Help:
    One of the more interesting stories takes investment strategies
    outdoors. Need to work on your garden? Be sure to plan, mix up your
    plantings, and re-evaluate the mix every now and then, just as you would
    your investment portfolio.

  2. Keep Cool: Before it gets too hot, hot, hot, read this story about lowering your A/C costs.
  3. Best Moves: In the cover package, you’ll find things to keep in mind when
    considering tenants, a quick look at the best markets for buying right
    now, and what to ask at an open house.

  4. Sell This House:
    Nine pages of ideas for selling your house in today’s tough market. Some
    are obvious–clear out, clean up, repair; others are more creative and
    innovative like offering gift cards to buyers, providing home inspection
    results, and emphasizing traditional sales vs. foreclosures or short sales. Staging and setting a realistic
    price are also stressed as key for enticing potential buyers.

  5. Wills and Ways:
    Money also talks about inherited property, reminding readers that
    sometimes keeping the lake house or homestead left by parents may turn
    out to be costlier than you might imagine.