Five August Food Magazine Covers That Aren’t Asleep at the (Color) Wheel

bonappetit_august2010.jpgA few weeks ago, blogging pal MiChelle Jones decoded this season’s “in” colors for Home MagaScene, at least if those home and lifestyle publications are to be believed. But after reading her post, I started taking notice of the colorful covers of August issues of food and cooking magazines when they started rolling into my mailbox.

Sure enough, those Persimmons, Peacocks and Sunshines she wrote about started showing up (sort of) on food and cooking magazine covers too. Though, to be fair, their persimmon steered a little left on the color wheel (coral) and sometimes even a lot to the right. Purple is a few (major) steps clockwise from orange on the color wheel–and not too long ago was the hot hue in fashion.

So which culinary covers are just as hip? And who might have at least been inspired by these vibrant trends? Here are five food magazines who are paying attention–if ever so subtly.

  1. Bon Appétit magazine: Easily my favorite, this cover serves up a Blackberry, Lemon and Gingersnap Cheesecake Pudding in a tall sundae glass against a turquoise gradient backdrop. The yellow “o” in “Bon” and the accent mark on the “e” in “Appétit” pop with memorable vibrance. And even though it’s not the trendy coral or orange, the purple of the blackberries is just as good.

  2. Cooking With Paula Deen magazine: This looks strikingly like the Southern cooking version of O, the Oprah Magazine’s July cover. Paula’s in a coral tunic backed by a turquoise pool and under her sunny-colored name in the masthead. By comparison, Oprah’s in a yellow tunic, lounging under her coral-colored “O.” The two larger-than-life personalities are even reclining in the same position.
  3. Weight Watchers magazine: Here’s another poolside cover (there’s the turquoise), but this time instead of coral, the masthead background goes a magenta-like purple in a shade that matches the model’s floral printed tunic. A few headlines and subheads are printed on bright yellow background boxes to give it some splashes of sunshine.
  4. Eating Well magazine: Bright orange-red and yellow heirloom tomatoes on a cornflower (not quite turquoise) background grace this cover. The more-coral-than-orange dominant color is reiterated in the masthead and some of the headlines, but probably should have been toned down a notch from its near fluorescence.
  5. Better Homes and Gardens magazine: All the “right” colors (though in pastel-ish shades) are captured–with even a little periwinkle thrown in–but I’m wondering if it’s a little overboard. Yellow paneled walls, yellow-accented accessories, a bright aqua painting and headlines in aqua, periwinkle and a cool coral. One less color, bolder hues and fewer cover items could have made a stronger statement.
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  • Rosy

    I totally agree with the Bon Appetit issue. So beautiful it practically jumped itself into my cart. And there are some great recipes in there. I already made the Balsamic Jelly and the Tomato Tarte Tatin….

  • Anonymous

    Bon Appetit’s photography is always great–inside and out. But this August issue is one of the best in recent memory, not just from them but any of the food titles.