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February 16, 2011

First Bikini Content of the Year Spotted in Shape Magazine

shape_february2011.jpgI wasn’t mentally prepared. I was reading the February issue of Shape magazine, expecting comfort-food recipes, cold-weather workouts, and style and beauty tips related to Valentine’s Day. And there it was in the table of contents: “Get in Shape for Swimsuit Season!” (Exclamation point included.) I kind of feel like I was punched in the out-of-shape gut.

I expect such articles in May. I even understand them in April and March. But as I lounged on the couch under an electric blanket, expecting temperatures to drop into the teens overnight, I just wasn’t ready to see those words. But, there they were.

The feature is Shape magazine’s fifth annual “Bikini Body Countdown,” and it encourages us not to wait for another turn of the calendar before living in a healthier (and slimmer) way. It includes a full workout plan, tips for keeping portions under control, and even encourages us to try a full vegetarian day just once a week.

Also in this issue:

  • “What’s Healthier?” A donut or a cream cheese-smeared bagel? The answer might surprise you.
  • What winter drink should you reach for when you want “Hot and Healthy”? This article tells you how to slim down your favorites.
  • Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller shares her “Flat-Ab Workout.” At least someone is ready for bikini season.

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