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Moll Anderson’s Tips for Fifty Shades of Romance

Lately women across the U.S. are proclaiming that British author E L James’ bestselling erotic novels, a trilogy collectively called Fifty Shades of Grey, are enhancing their sex lives. I’d love to ask these women, “What is really spicing up your marriage—the provocative scenes from the books or that you are paying attention to the one you love?”

If you haven’t heard about the latest sensation hitting bookshelves, Fifty Shades of Grey, then let me give you a quick recap inside this widely popular fiction novel. Anastasia Steele, a newly college graduate falls in love with Christian Grey, a handsome, controlling, charming billionaire business man. Their new-found relationship begins to quickly evolve into a relationship that most of us aren’t so familiar with; Grey seeks out Ana to fulfill his deeply erotic needs. Women across the nation are proclaiming that E L James’ book is enhancing their own sex lives. But, I beg the question “is it the provocative scenes that are spicing up your marriage or is it the simple message I’ve been saying all along—pay attention to the one you love?”

I believe that getting back to the foundation of your home—you and your partner are key to making a space, a seductive home. There are so many colors out there, why would you limit yourself to just fifty shades of gray? I say, take out the whole crayon box and start filling in your world with the missing hues! When reading about Christian and Ana’s romance—the part that got me so excited was the beginning, the love story. The first flicker of intimacy, the teasing flirtation, and the joy of the endless possibilities their new relationship had to offer and yes the lovemaking that you and your spouse or partner create with each other. These pages triggered my memories of when I first met my husband. I found myself smiling and laughing out loud. It’s a sense memory that takes us back to our own personal love stories and gets us enthusiastic to relive those great and intimate moments. The idea is to be intoxicated with the one you love and sharing their company every day. We sometimes get lost in the hustle and bustle of kids and overwhelming schedules of real life—but that’s why I’ve written The Seductive Home™. To help you get back to what’s important: good, old fashion romance; seducing your partner back home and filling your space with ambiance. Isn’t that what we all really need? The atmosphere you create is the vibe you set and the vibe you’ll live in, so take a minute to really think about what you can do to change your home and life to get back to the core principal. Check out my book, The Seductive Home™, to gather a myriad of suggestions to helping you color outside the lines to set the stage for your own kind of romance.

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