Finally, Women Who Can Pay through the Nose


Does the statement I’ve marked in bold below seem strange to anyone but me?:

More magazine may have stumbled on a money-saving strategy for fashion
shoots. Instead of hiring models, just ask women to wear their own
clothes and shoot them. While the thought might terrify some stylists,
the title hedged its bets in an upcoming September spread: It invited
women from the fashion and beauty worlds to pose. "We love to show
women who can really afford the clothes in our fashion pages,"
editor in chief Peggy Northrop.

Women have long complained that fashions featured in style magazines are far too pricey for the average budget. $200 jeans, $1,600 handbags–I don’t know anyone who buys such extravagant clothing. Perhaps because they aren’t all high dollar-earning industry insiders or celebutantes.

I scanned Northrop’s comment over and over again to be sure that I hadn’t misread it. But, nope. It really does say that her magazine enjoys featuring rich women who can afford the expensive frocks and frills. Say what? Unlike all those poverty-stricken models?

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