Fashion Rocks the Architectural Digest Set

Jandos at Designing Magazines notes an odd supplement to a popular but sometimes stodgy publication, Architectural Digest. Subscribers to this nearly 90-year-old magazine about interior design received a slightly edgier and more stylish supplement than they may have been anticipating:

Thanks to CBS and some program called Fashion Rocks,
(that either already ran, or will run in October, or might run again
next year—it was hard to tell from their site) all that has changed. I
assume Fashion Rocks also fell out of other Condé polly-bags
the same month, but for none of those did it offer readers such a
dramatic cultural shift. This saucy annual[?] full of celebrity gossip,
unwearable fashion, and British teen-magazine inflected typography
became sort of an editorial trophy wife to successful but dowdy old AD.

Well, like I always say, a little J-Lo never hurt anybody.

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