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5 Magazine Subscription Deals to Help Keep You Warm This Fall

Fall Magazine Subscription Deals One Dollar or Less Per IssueMake the most of the sights, sounds, tastes and fashions of fall with these five magazine subscription deals! Each one is part of our $1 Sale—where every magazine is just $1 or less per issue!

OK, so not everyone will need to bundle up for fall, but the season just makes us think of comfy, cozy sweaters and blankets and hearty soups to keep warm. Since the weather might be uncooperative, at least these five magazine subscription deals will indulge our fall fantasies.

These five magazine subscriptions are part of our $1 Sale, where every title is just $1 or less per issue. With more than 50 magazines at a great price, you’re sure to find one to suit your fall fantasy, too!

1. Entertainment Weekly:  Whether you’d like to plan a family movie night in—or out—this entertainment magazine can give you insight on what to watch, whether it’s the next big blockbuster or something kid-friendly. During the $1 Sale, get 52 issues for just $25.

2. Sports Illustrated: Fall means football, right? It also means Major League Baseball playoffs and the start of the National Hockey League season. So whatever sport sums up fall for you, this sports magazine will give you the insider tips to get into the game—at home or away. During the $1 Sale, get 28 issues for $26.

3. Cooking Light: Warm breads, hearty soups and other comfort foods are staples of fall eating. Lest you overdo it or you’re into counting calories, this food magazine shares healthy ways to enjoy the flavors of the season without sacrificing taste. During the $1 Sale, get 24 issues for $24.

4. Time: Bundle up against the cooler weather, but don’t bury your head in the sand. Turn to this newsweekly for the latest on political and social headlines at home and abroad, including thoughtful, well-written features and cover stories. During the $1 Sale, get 27 issues for $16.

5. InStyle: You’re ready to break out the scarves and sweaters and boots for fall, but you won’t want to miss advice on incorporating the latest trends into your look with advice from fashion magazines like this one. During the $1 Sale, get 26 issues for $26.