Extreme Makeovers: Every Day With Rachael Ray Magazine Debuts New Look in May Issue

everydayrachaelray_may2011.jpg‘Tis the season for cleaning and makeovers–and that doesn’t just apply to your home or yourself. Some of my magazine subscriptions have debuted new looks this month, like Bon Appétit (thanks to changes at major staff positions) and now Every Day With Rachael Ray (because it was simply time, according to editors).

Unlike some magazine makeovers, there’s no mistaking there are changes inside (and outside). Rachael acknowledges some of them in her letter, not to mention the cover boldly proclaims “The Makeover Issue.” Though the spirit and personality of the magazine isn’t changing, Rachael assures in the letter, the execution has gotten a slight facelift and “reboot.”

She didn’t detail all the changes that were made, but here are a few you’ll notice as you flip through the pages of your new-and-improved Every Day With Rachael Ray magazine subscription.

New Masthead and Tag: The magazine title fonts get a little grown up and more consistent. “Every” and “Day” are now in the same typeface, and “with Rachael Ray” looks like a personalized “handwritten” font. The “Take A Bite Outta Life” tag is a new addition.

Cover Blurbs: No more competition here, as only one cover blurb gets bigger and bolder than the rest. The number of fonts used also gets trimmed, and the overall result is a cleaner, more reader-friendly look.

Table of Contents: Think fewer photos and more information. Bigger, bolder visuals eliminate the need for smaller graphics (that sometimes distract), and the content listing gets more detailed to pique interest in articles from the start.

Rach’s Notebook: Rachael’s letter in every issue boasts a new look too. Now the background is lined like a notebook, and rather than the larger distracting graphics, there are a few smaller ones accompanied with notes in the left margin.

This Month’s Menu: The new, improved recipe index moves up to (near) the front of the issue and features a photo of every dish, à la Food Network Magazine. The downside is that all the entrée names are listed at the bottom of each section rather than with each photo.

Menu Planner: This little booklet is now tucked into the recipe index (and as a result gets moved up in the issue). What once covered the whole week gets scaled back to weeknights (shopping list still included), and the size is smaller, making it perfectly portable.

30-Minute Meals: The section devoted to the method synonymous with the celebrity chef gets an upgrade with the addition of tips and step-by-step graphics to help at-home cooks stay on schedule. And the less busy layouts keep the spread from looking too advertorial at times.

Section Titles: Your favorite feature may now have a new name, but there is one addition (as noted on the cover). “Fast Ideas” shares 29 time-saving snacks, sauces, salads, suppers and sides, as well as in-a-pinch suggestions for lunches and leftover makeovers.

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