Everything Old New Again? Well, Almost, Says Better Homes and Gardens Food Survey

betterhomesandgardens_february2011.jpgThink from-scratch baking and home-cooked meals are too passé for today’s modern woman? Though we may not all cook like our mothers and grandmothers, some things aren’t going by the wayside, according to the recently released Better Homes and Gardens “Food Factor 2010″ survey.

The research conducted by Better Homes and Gardens magazine identified key trends among women related to cooking, eating and grocery shopping. With all the attention it’s gotten lately, it’s no surprise that healthy eating continues to be on the rise.

“Compared to two years ago, women are still focused on healthy eating, with a rising tendency for home-served meals to cut back on spending and still concentrate on health,” said Gayle Butler, the magazine’s editor-in-chief.

Here are some of the other highlights of the study, some that are surprising and some that aren’t.

Made From Scratch: More than 80 percent of women whip up mains and sides from scratch, while more than 60 percent do the same in baking. Hmm. You’d think we were all too busy to spend even a little extra time here and there in the kitchen.

Taste Testers: More than 80 percent of women ages 18-49 will test their taste buds on new culinary adventures. But only 54 percent of women 50-plus would venture out of their comfort zone.

How Convenient: More than 75 percent of women turn to Old (Modern) Faithful–the microwave–weekly, and three-fourths or more rely on convenience foods (prepared salads, chopped nuts, etc.) to save time.

Home Sweet Home: More than two-thirds of women are dining in their own homes rather than eating out, and they’re relying on quick recipes, convenience foods and leftovers to help save money and eat healthier.

Guilty Pleasure: No surprise here, but chocolate is far and away considered by women to be the “ultimate indulgence.” Other close contenders are ice cream, pizza, caviar and French fries.

Coupon Clippers: Though a whopping 95 percent of women take advantage of coupons, more than half of women 50-plus use them every time they shop, compared to only 17 percent of female shoppers ages 18-34 who use them religiously.

Live Long and Prosper: For a majority of women, eating healthier to live longer wins out. Only 35 percent would opt to eat guilt-free and live until age 70. But throw $20,000 at them, and 73 percent would take the cash rather than shedding 20 pounds.

Social Inspiration: When it comes to recipes, it’s hard to find a better source than Mom. More than non-moms, women with children of their own turn to their mothers and grandmothers for inspiration. But it’s no surprise that social networks are becoming a popular source for ideas for women ages 18-49.

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