Everyday Food Magazine’s Raspberry Mousse Pie (Almost) Absolutely Foolproof, At Least This Time

raspberry_mousse_pie.jpgIt’s hard not to notice that berries are in season right now, whether at the supermarket or in your food and cooking magazine subscriptions. The pages (and sometimes covers) are bursting with recipes utilizing strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

One such example shows up in your Everyday Food magazine subscription’s May 2011 issue in a spread titled “Berry Desserts.” And in true Martha Stewart fashion, these ideas range from cakes to ice cream cakes and tarts to pies. The four options for incorporating berries into your post-dinner treat include: Strawberry-Pistachio (or Almond) Tart; Coconut-Lime Berry Cake; Chocolate-Berry Ice Cream Cake; and Raspberry Mousse Pie.

Since I love fresh raspberries–and the photo of the dessert looked so pink and light–choosing the Raspberry Mousse Pie was a no-brainer. And it was advertised as “absolutely foolproof.” What could possibly go wrong? (Famous last words, trust me.)

I wasn’t worried about the easiest steps–the graham cracker crust (which consisted of essentially lining the dish with graham crackers) and topping the finished product with fresh raspberries. I wasn’t even worried about whipping up the mousse.

But after puréeing the raspberries, the mixture needed to be strained to remove the seeds and solids. Oops. I’ve acquired many helpful (and many rarely used) gadgets since I’ve started spending more time in the kitchen, but not a “fine-mesh sieve” or even a mesh strainer.

My mind raced through what I had on hand that might actually work. I considered nearly any and everything. Colander, cheese grater, coffee filter? Some were out of the question, some simply wouldn’t work. So flour sifter it was.

After solving that small problem, everything else was really easy. The end result was light and fresh–a cool, refreshing dessert ideal for the impending summer heat that’s in the not-too-distant future for many of us.

And next time I make this, I’m positive it will be even easier than this time because I’ve already ordered a mesh strainer to add to my kitchen collection.

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    Excellent improvisation in the kitchen!

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    Yummy..!! the sounds of this pie is really bang on. I surely try it. I have couple of cooking magazines, But none of them consider about this recipe. Hope that My mother should make it.