Everyday Food Magazine’s Minted Chocolate Cookies Thinly Resemble a Girl Scout Favorite

mint_choc_cookies.jpgIf I said, “Girl Scouts,” you’d probably think “cookies.” Or “Thin Mints” or “Samoas” or “[insert favorite flavor here].” For most, their relationship with the Girl Scouts organization is defined by or cultivated during that one delicious season: the cookie sale!

As a former employee of what is now Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama for four years, I had nearly year-round access to these worthy community-building confections. Being out of that loop for a while, I felt like Everyday Food magazine had thrown me some sort of life preserver when I saw the July/August 2010 issue’s simple recipe for Minted Chocolate Cookies.

To be clear, I’m not advocating an end to supporting the Girl Scouts through the purchase their addicting cookies. I’m merely saying there are alternatives to help get you through the dark days and empty months before you can get the real thing.

With cookie season almost half a year away for me, these Minted Chocolate Cookies were just the ticket–and just one more example of the easy-to-pull-off recipes that make Everyday Food a reader favorite.

Each issue contains an “At Your Convenience” section that shares recommendations and time-saving shortcuts to create a dish or treat using store-bought ingredients rather than building from scratch.

everydayfood_july-august2010.jpgThough I couldn’t find the chocolate wafer cookies Everyday Food suggested as my Minted Chocolate Cookie base, I called on some of my nonprofit know-how that I honed while working at the Girl Scouts. Essentially this means solving problems creatively–in other words, at little to no cost!

So necessity being the mother of invention and all, I turned to chocolate sandwich cookies, which meant I had to twist them apart and peel off their vanilla cream insides. By the way, I do not recommend consuming–at least not on its own–the vanilla cream, unless of course you want to feel sick. Not that I’d know anything about that firsthand….

Content with my makeshift wafers, I turned to melting the chocolate. Everyday Food suggested the microwave, but fancying it better for optimal consistency, I went the double boiler route. This helped keep the chocolate smooth and pliable, though it was a little touch-and-go with the addition of the mint.

Using an oil extract does affect the consistency of the chocolate, but the key is to keep stirring until it’s fully combined. Making sure the wafers are sufficiently covered can be tricky too, until you get the hang of it. For authenticity’s sake, I’d recommend using the flat or smooth side of the cookie as the “top” and a swipe of a small icing spatula to make the coating as even as possible.

As for the end result? Little Brownie Bakers, one of the two bakeries licensed to make Girl Scout cookies, shouldn’t feel threatened. I’d be the first to admit these Minted Chocolate Cookies are pretty close, but ultimately nothing like the real thing.

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