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Everyday Food Magazine Puts Tasty New Spin on Muffin Pan Potential

Yogurt Cups.jpgLeave it to Martha Stewart to teach us how to use a muffin pan to make everything but a muffin. The 10-page spread, “Muffin to It,” in the September 2010 issue of Everyday Food magazine covered everything from breakfast and appetizers to lunch and dessert, among them Bacon, Egg and Toast Cups, Eggplant-Feta Phyllo Pies and Mini Deep-Dish Pizzas.

I had ambitious plans to make more than one of the five recipes included, but in the end settled on the Tortilla Cups With Yogurt and Fresh Fruit, which was convenient since I always keep yogurt and fruit on hand. Turns out choosing that option was the only thing easier than making the recipe.

First, the tortillas are brushed with butter and sprinkled with sugar to make them sweeter. (Mine could have used more of both.) Then they are placed in a jumbo muffin pan, baked until they are more pliable, and formed into cups. Everyday Food suggested using a glass or a ladle to do this, but only one of my tortillas looked like a cup instead of a cone.

Once cooled, the tortillas are filled with a mixture of brown sugar and plain yogurt, and topped with your choice of fruit. I opted for fresh peaches tossed in brown sugar and lemon juice, which from previous experience, I didn’t question. I also sprinkled the peaches with a little cinnamon for added sweetness.

The end result is good, though non-yogurt fans may not beg for seconds. But if you want something fast and healthy, this would be a good choice for breakfast or a not-so-sugary dessert.

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