Everyday Food: 5 Delicious Reasons to Savor the Magazine’s Last Printed Issue

Everyday Food magazine is going, going, almost gone. But we’re celebrating the best of the last printed issue for these 5 delicious reasons.

Everyday Food magazine subscribers knew it was coming: the farewell-plus-what’s-going-to-happen-next letter. And sure enough, there it was on top of the plastic-bagged issue that arrived in my mailbox late last week.

While the December issue may be the last printed, standalone issue of one of my favorite food magazines, the letter assures that Everyday Food will continue its mission of delivering convenient, delicious dinner ideas—across multiple digital platforms.

For example, editor-in-chief Sarah Carey will appear in the reconfigured magazine’s daily video newsletter, even more content can be found on its YouTube channel, and, for those of us who still prefer print, we’ll get our fix five times a year when a free Everyday Food supplement is included with subscriber copies of Martha Stewart Living. (The first will arrive in March 2013.)

So before we bid adieu to Everyday Food as the magazine we’ve known and loved—whether beginning with the first issue in 2003 or discovered it a little later—let’s celebrate this final issue for these five delicious reasons.

1. Baked Banana-Pecan Oatmeal: You’re gonna need some energy to get through the hectic holiday season, and this healthy breakfast sounds warm and filling enough to do the trick.

2. Cutout Cookie Dough: Speaking of time, if you don’t have enough to meticulously frost those sugar cookies, opt for this easy solution. Incorporate cutouts of different colors in this step-by-step method.

3. Pomegranate Seeds: One of the most good-for-you parts of the fruit, the seeds can be used in a variety of surprising ways. Add them to guacamole or serve with roasted meat, such as the Pomegranate-Braised Short Ribs recipe just a few pages over.

4. Sheet-Pan Suppers: Even during holiday crunch time, you’ve still got to eat. But you can toss it all on one pan and in an hour or less have a delicious meal ready, like Rib Eye with Horseradish Butter and Root Vegetables.

5. Peppermint-Meringue Brownie Cake: This dessert almost sounds too good to be true, and Martha swears it’s easier than it looks. Master the meringue, and you’ve got yourself a treat that won’t last long.