Eva Mendes: Latina Magazine’s December Covergirl


Muy caliente! Lovely Eva Mendes is covering the December issue of Latina magazine. The actress, 36, is talking with the magazine about her aspirations (or lack thereof) and gives a hint at what keeps her looking so blissfully beautiful due to some regular trips to the doctor’s office.

No, not the plastic surgeon! Instead, Mendes swears by spending quality time with her therapist. She tells the magazine, “I take care of myself and I really believe in therapy. Of course, you need a family and good friends who can be there for you and listen to you vent, but there is nothing like having somebody that’s completely objective and is there to guide you.”

As for cultivating her own family, don’t look for Mendes to don white
and walk down the aisle anytime soon. She says, “There’s a bit of a
rebel in me that says just because society wants me to doesn’t mean I
have to.”

And even though Mendes has recently launched a home
collection, that doesn’t mean she’s headed for “world domination.” She
tells the magazine, “No Martha Stewart aspirations for me. I feel
absolutely no pressure about anything in my life.”

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