Entertainment Weekly magazine March 23 2012

Entertainment Weekly Has ‘Game of Thrones’ Covered

Entertainment Weekly March 23, 2012

"Game of Thrones" got four Entertainment Weekly covers in the March 23 issue.

Gearing up for its big season two premiere tonight, HBO’s fantasy favorite “Game of Thrones” gets not one but four Entertainment Weekly covers.

Making an epic fantasy series that isn’t cheesy and garners 13 Emmy nominations is a huge accomplishment. HBO has stopped at nothing to bring about both with “Game of Thrones,” and season two promises more dragons and direwolves alongside all the heart-wrenching human drama adapted from George R.R. Martin’s book series.

In the March 23 issue of Entertainment Weekly, which featured four different “Game of Thrones” covers, show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss opened up about the financing it took to film some of the most epic battle scenes ever produced for television. Benioff explains, “This season is about a country at war. And we felt like if we didn’t see the most important battle of this entire war onscreen, we’re going to shortchange viewers.”

Weiss adds, “To my knowledge, a story of this scale has never been told within film entertainment. There’s so many characters and locations and storylines, so many things that are atypical in television–and for good reason.”

While their budget was increased by 15 percent for season two’s battle scenes, Weiss says he believes their series is still a bargain. “You could do this show relatively easily with twice the money that we have, then after a couple great seasons it’d collapse under its own weight and cease to exist.”

But fans of the show need not worry. “Game of Thrones” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon–unless you count all the globetrotting the cast and crew did this year, filming across Croatia, Belfast and even Iceland. For now, there’s no shortage of funds or creativity to support this game-changing series.

“Game of Thrones” returns with season two tonight. Will you be watching?