Eduardo Xol's fiesta table

Design Tips From Eduardo Xol: Make Your Holiday Party a Holiday Experience

Eduardo Xol's fiesta table

A fiesta table from Eduardo Xol's book "Extreme Entertaining Made Simple"

Next week is kicking off the third installment of the “Ask an Expert” contest, in which you can ask me your most pressing home and lifestyle design questions. If I answer your question here on the blog, you win a gift card.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to do much more than to walk into a store these days to be reminded that the holiday season is approaching.  I wanted to offer my help on planning the best holiday party ever. My philosophy, which I outline in my book “Extreme Entertaining Made Simple,” is that the best entertaining encompasses all of the senses at the same time.

I strongly believe that every moment in life is an experience; any event that you plan and design should be a singular and memorable experience, especially during the holidays! I understand that for most people, looking at the bigger picture can be a bit overwhelming, so I suggest asking yourself some basic questions to get started:

  1. What is the “look” of the party? Is there a theme or event, like Halloween?
  2. What should the environment smell like? What images do you want to be conjured up in the minds of your guests by what they smell?
  3. What foods best represent your party?
  4. What do you want the soundtrack to your event to be? What will define the sound and how will the sound define your party?
  5. What will your guests be touching at your party? Do you want to have a special element that will stimulate your guest’s sense of touch?
  6. Finally, once you’ve answered all of these questions, do your choices feel cohesive? Do they all make sense together?

Armed with the answers to those questions, you should be able to turn your holiday party into a true holiday experience—a memorable one at that.

If you want more help planning a great event this holiday season, check the blog next week and ask me some questions! Remember, if I answer yours, you will win a gift card! How often do you get an offer like that?

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