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KIWI Magazine Offers 3 Ways to Go Green in the New Year

Eco-Friendly ProductsPlanning on turning a new leaf this year as a family? Going green can be accomplished in big and small ways, using these eco-friendly product suggestions from KIWI magazine.

If one of your family’s New Year’s resolutions is to live a greener life, then KIWI magazine offers some great ideas to get more earth-friendly in ways that you might not have considered yet.

Get Cozy. Snuggling up next to a warm fireplace feels great in the cold months, but did you know that the crackling flames cause serious indoor and outdoor pollution? Instead, try burning chemical-free Enviro-Logs, which provide a healthier, low-emission fire. Made from waxed cardboard boxes, the logs burn cleaner than wood. And once you’re fire is finished, simply sweep the ashes into a sealed metal container and put them in your trash or compost bin.

Get Clean. Need another reason to use green cleaning products? A recent Boston University study might be all the proof you need. Researchers found that exposure to conventional household cleaners and air fresheners may double the risk of breast cancer. “Many chemicals used in cleaners can disrupt the endocrine system by affecting the natural balance of hormones in the body,” says study author Ami Zota, a doctor of science in environmental health. Researchers asked nearly 800 women who had breast cancer between 1988 and 1995–plus 720 who’d never had it–what type of cleaners they used. Those who used air fresheners more than seven times a year, mold and mildew cleaners weekly and all-purpose surface cleaners daily were twice as likely to develop breast cancer than those who reported low usage.

Get on the Road. You can go green all you want, but if you’re still driving a gas-guzzler you’ll never really reduce your carbon footprint. This month’s KIWI magazine issue features a full-page article on four different options available–two are electric only and two are gas vehicles with fabulous fuel efficiency. After reading the details, I want a new Nissan Leaf, a zero-emission, 100 percent electric vehicle that can drive 100 miles of errands before you need to plug it in.


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