Easy Thanksgiving Home Decor

11 Easy Thanksgiving Home Décor Ideas from Pinterest

Easy Thanksgiving Home DecorJust a week until the big day and your home could use a festive touch. Even if you don’t have much time, you’ll be thankful that these Thanksgiving decor ideas we pulled from Pinterest are so easy!

Feeling like Thanksgiving has already passed you by? You’re not alone. The pumpkins, scarecrows, and assorted fall décor seems to have been replaced just a little too soon with everything you can imagine (and more) for decking the halls for Christmas.

Before you give up or give in to the crush of red and green, these are some easy ways you can add a timely and festive touch to your home for Thanksgiving. You’ll find plenty in home magazines, but these we snagged from Pinterest are probably your best bet if you’re feeling pressed for time.

Flowers and Nuts: Fill clear vase with acorns, chestnuts, berries, or some other appropriate filler, then top with a fall-colored or seasonal flower. If you forgo the flower, add an elegant touch by adding burlap and tying a ribbon around it.

Thanksgiving Placemat: Save those fancy placemats for Christmas and opt for these simple coverings made of brown paper or a recycled bag. Before or after the meal, ask everyone around the table to fill out a few of the things they are thankful for and discuss over dinner.

Painted Acorns: Dressing up your home for Thanksgiving could be as simple as going for a walk around your year. You can even get the kids to help with this project, then use the finished product to display in clear vases or other pretty decorative dishes.

Cinnamon Candles: Tie cinnamon sticks around a candle to release a sweet-smelling scent that can take your home from Thanksgiving right into Christmas.

Thankful Tree: Prepare a “thankful tree” to display in your home, then ask guests to share their blessings and attach them to the branches of the tree. It functions as both festive décor and a conversation starter.

Turkey Apple Dip: Speaking of functional, who says your appetizers or treats can’t serve a dual purpose? We love the fun presentation of this chocolate fruit dip and sliced apples to look like a turkey!

Pilgrim Hats: If you prefer an even more chocolatey treat, try these cute Pilgrim Hats. Chocolate wafer cookies topped with a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Attach the two with frosting and add a decorative buckle.

Candles and Wine Glasses: Put the wine glasses you’re not using to good use. Turn them over, add a seasonal filler (like maybe those painted acorns), and top with a votive candle for an interesting tablescape.

Pumpkins: Placing pumpkins on the table adds an instant festive touch, but make them look even more elegant by displaying them on candlesticks, serving bowls, and small pedestal dishes.

Chalkboard: If you’ve already got a chalkboard, this one’s super easy. Get creative with artwork or seasonal quotes, menus, or a welcome for your guests.

Pine Cone Garland: This is another idea that can take your home from Thanksgiving into Christmas. Attach ribbon to pine cones and hang in front of a window or mantel for a new twist on garland.

See more about each of these ideas on our Pinterest board here.