Easiest Halloween Fall Pumpkin Decor

Easiest No-Carve Pumpkin Décor Ideas for Halloween and Fall

Easiest Halloween and Fall Pumpkin Decor IdeasNot feeling particularly artistic or creative when it comes to dressing up your porch for fall or Halloween? Even the most challenged DIY’ers can find something easy—and elegant—enough on this list!

You’ve probably been seeing Halloween candy displays in the stores for weeks now. Then, suddenly, it’s October, and pumpkins are everywhere.

They’re balanced atop each other in the produce section at the supermarket. (They go, of course, with the never-ending supply of pumpkin-carving ideas to be found in October home and garden magazines.)

If you’re not feeling your inner Van Gogh or even Martha Stewart when it comes to pumpkin carving this year, there’s even pre-“carved” decorations with monograms and other seasonal sayings at craft and home stores.

Maybe you’re not quite ready to completely throw in the towel and go with purely manufactured pumpkin décor for your porch or your home. In that case, we’ve scoured seasonal magazines and, you guessed it, Pinterest for the easiest pumpkin designs.

Any one of these six no-carve pumpkin ideas used in your fall or Halloween porch display will rival even your neighbors’ most intricate designs—and they take just a fraction of the time! They are (clockwise from top left):

1. Tights on a Pumpkin: Well, it doesn’t get any easier than this idea from blogger Sydney Loves Fashion. Take a pair of old patterned tights—or buy some inexpensive ones—slip them over a pumpkin and tie off the tip with a festive bow. No carving, no painting, no gluing required!

2. Tack ‘Em Up: Another simple, yet elegant design comes from Southern Living. Using upholstery tacks in different shapes or sizes, if you choose, create your own patterns by piercing the outer skin of the pumpkin. It looks especially sophisticated using white pumpkins as your canvas.

3. Oh, What a Tangled Web: Woman’s Day’s tangled web pumpkin design requires just five things to pull it off: scissors, twine, glue or pins, a pumpkin (of course) and plastic spiders. Just wrap your pumpkin with twine, secure it with pins or hot glue. Add an eerie finishing touch by placing plastic spiders within your completed web.

4. Add a Custom Message: Don’t want to paint the whole pumpkin? Using Better Homes & Gardens downloadable Chalkboard Paint Labels, you can trace your design on the pumpkin, fill in with chalkboard paint and write in your message with chalk. Change it every day even!

5. Make It Mummified: Easily transform your pumpkin into a mummy using streamers or gauze and glue or double-sided tape. Martha Stewart Living suggests using a saw to create the eyes, but affixing googly eyes is an even simpler option if you’re pressed for time.

6. Patterned Pumpkin: Of all these easy ideas, this one from blogger Confessions of a Plate Addict that was inspired by Country Living requires the most effort, but don’t be discouraged. It’s still a fairly quick way to transform your pumpkin. Cut patterns out of scrapbook paper (or use color copies or scans of fabric), or use whole sheets, and apply with Mod Podge.

For more information on making these projects and for more easy Halloween and fall pumpkin decor ideas, follow our Pinterest board here.