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Why Santa Claus Must Be a Football Fan

Sports Magazines for ChristmasGuest blogger and sports fan Stacey Bright is having some good luck when it comes to (almost all) her football teams—and she’s thanking Santa for it.

Thank you, Santa! Alabama has made it to the BCS National Championship Game, and I have made it through the first round of my fantasy football playoffs.

Talk about luck! First, both Oregon and Kansas State lose—during the same weekend no less—that ultimately gave my beloved Crimson Tide the chance to repeat.

Then, through some shrewd manipulation of the waiver wire, I clawed my way from ninth place to fourth in my fantasy football league to clinch a playoff berth and a chance for ME to repeat!

But Santa apparently ran out of gifts when it came to the Titans. What is a fan to do when your team looks so bad? It is hard to watch the away games, but even harder to stay in your seats for an entire home game.

We played the Jets on Monday night, and at the time I wrote this, I had no idea what to expect. After reflecting on the year with a few friends, I had decided that this NFL season was so horrible for us in Tennessee because it seems like we have lost our traditions and/or superstitions.

To remedy that, I want to again be like those people on the Bud Light commercials who hold tightly to their superstitions and traditions, and most importantly, believe in them and have them work!

We, the fans, need to bring the magic back to LP Field. Maybe we got an early start on that Monday night on football’s biggest stage when the Titans beat the Jets, 14-10.

But the big win over the Steelers at home in October and ending the Jets’ playoff hopes aside—though they were great wins—there needs to be a spark that can ignite the team, the coaches and most of all the fans. We need something to root for, to believe in and to build traditions around.

Much like believing in Santa, I want to believe in the Titans. Maybe it’s time for the fans to turn it around and have the players follow. So Santa, I realize there isnʼt much else you can do for the Titans this year, but I sure could use a couple more wins in my fantasy football playoffs….