Dwell Magazine Latest to Push the Editorial Boundaries

dwell.jpgLast month Shape magazine came under fire for its questionable–at least by the American Society of Magazine Editors–close placement of editorial content featuring an interview with comedian Ellen DeGeneres with ads also featuring DeGeneres.

Other magazines have recently made more obvious concessions to advertisers, running ads on their covers, a space that has traditionally been off-limits. With ad pages down so dramatically, it’s not hard to understand the decision (act of desperation), even if it compromises a little of the magazines’ most valuable asset (credibility.)

For better or worse, with its June issue, Dwell magazine becomes the latest magazine to blur the lines between editorial and advertisement with an ad composed of colored strips running throughout the 12-page feature well. The ads appears to be an editorial design element but instead are promotions for Valspar, a paint company, Mediaweek reports.

At the end of the editorial section the advertising elements are explained  in a 2-page spread that says Dwell chose colors from Valspar and integrated them into the pages of the issue.

While we’re used to seeing product placements in TV shows and movies, we’re not quite sure we’re ready for it in magazines, unless maybe, it’s obvious.

Have you seen the June issue of Dwell magazine? What do you think, did Dwell magazine go to far in the blurring the lines between editorial and advertising?

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