Walnut-Goat Cheese Dip

Dreaming of Steaks, Walnuts and Omega-3′s Thanks to Prevention Magazine

20110120_goat_cheese_walnut_dip.jpgI’m not a big fish eater. I need to eat more of it. My husband doesn’t eat it at all, under any circumstances, ever. So I normally order it when we eat out at high-end restaurants, which our pocketbooks encourage us to keep to a minimum. Fish is a great source of the healthy omega-3 fats that we all hear are so good for us. But if you’re not a fish eater either, walnuts are another good source.

The February issue of Prevention magazine says that we only need three whole walnuts to get our daily recommended amount of omega-3. I can totally do that! The article also has three recipes that all highlight the nutty superfood. I couldn’t resist trying the Walnut Goat Cheese Dip–no cooking required. I think it took all of four minutes to whip up.

I didn’t have fresh veggie sticks on hand, but I did have some pita chips that I knew would let the dip’s flavor take center stage. And it did! But with the first bite, as I savored the flavors of the goat cheese and scallions and vodka (yep, there’s vodka in the recipe), I started dreaming about how awesome the dip would be smeared on top of a fresh-from-the-grill steak, still warm enough to gently melt the goat cheese and infuse the dip with that hearty and warm steak flavor.

Before I kept dreaming and ate the whole batch, I covered it tightly to put it in the fridge. I imagine the flavors will continue to get bolder as they sit and chill together. And I imagine asking my husband to throw some steaks on the grill for dinner tonight. If we can dream it, we can do it. Right?!

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