Do You Recognize This Woman?

Fans of the comely and curvaceous America Ferrera are rightly miffed at the recent cover of Glamour magazine that shaves a bit off of her famous form.


Readers who are familiar with the "Ugly Betty" actress’ bodacious body should immediately recognize the blatant Photoshoppery going on in the Glamour cover image. Why are her arms so thin? Those skinny limbs don’t match the rest of her body, which also looks to have been beaten by the healing brush. The neck color isn’t the same shade as the rest of her overly shadowed skin. She looks like she’s made of Play-Doh.

I wonder what Heather at Musings from the Monkey Book wonders: Why do Hollywood and the media constantly celebrate the non-starved look of players like America, only to Photoshop them into oblivion? Are they pretending to like the average woman waist size to appear more authentic to viewers and consumers? Sadly, this isn’t relegated to stars who make headlines for not caving into stick-thin peer pressure…they do it to the thin ones, too.

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